Real Estate Insights December 27, 2023

Interest Rates are dropping! Buying or Selling a home just got more affordable!

If interest rates follow the expected decrease in 2024, Americans might potentially see savings of around $300 monthly on their mortgage payments.



In recent years, monthly mortgage payments for homebuyers have surged. Nevertheless, there seems to be a glimpse of financial relief on the horizon.

People who have recently bought homes contend with steep monthly mortgage costs due to interest rates reaching as high as 8%, significantly higher than the much lower rates experienced a few years ago. But there’s hope in the potential for interest rate reductions. This prospect might enable these homeowners to refinance their mortgages at reduced rates, leading to substantial monthly savings.

Consider a typical mortgage of $350,000: someone who secured a 3% interest rate before the pandemic would pay $1,476 monthly on a 30-year fixed-rate loan. However, the same loan at an 8% interest rate would entail monthly payments of $2,568—a significant $1,092 difference every month for buying a house just a few years later.

While interest rates might not plummet back to 3% soon, even a modest drop could make a substantial impact on homeowners’ finances. According to TransUnion, since January 2021, over three million new mortgages have carried interest rates of 6% or higher, amassing a total loan balance exceeding $1 trillion. The average monthly payment on these loans stands at $2,201.


Even a small drop in rates means big savings

Michele Raneri, vice president of US research and consulting at TransUnion, anticipates that these homeowners with high-interest mortgage loans will likely be the first to seize the opportunity as rates decrease. Raneri highlighted that refinancing could promptly inject tangible savings into their finances, stating, “We expect those homeowners who are currently making payments on high-interest mortgage loans to be among the first to take advantage of a reduction in rates as refinancing could immediately put real money into their pockets.” If interest rates were to decrease to just 5.5% and a homeowner pursued refinancing, the average payment on these high-interest loans would decrease to $1,917—a monthly saving of $284.


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